Auto Refinish Paint

Maridur PU Paint Maridur range of Paints is launched to cater to the needs of Auto repainting which could match the original standards of finish. It is a high cross link density 2K PU Paint which provides excellent gloss and gloss retention. Extra hardness of paint film saves it from minor scratches and damages. The […]

Wood Coating

Wood Coating Richwood Superio Universal PU coatings specially developed to protect and beautify wooden furniture both in internal and external environment.The product withstands harsh environment conditions with ease and protects the furniture for long time.Besides Solvent based coatings Marigold also has launched water based coating for wood. This reduces emission of VOC and is environment[…..]

Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings Industrial coatings need to meet requirements of line production with high through put and excellent anticorrosion properties.Marigold offers coatings with special attributes to meet specific requirements of this segment. Extra Hard Stoving Paints – Marigold Super Stoving paints are extra hard which make them withstand scratches and impact during the production and transportation[…..]

Protective Coatings

Maripoxy 800 Epoxy DTM Coating for PEB Marigold Launches Maripoxy 800 High performance DTM Epoxy coatings for Pre Engineered building. It is a fast drying and long lasting coating that protects PEB in adverse climatic conditions. It improves productivity and reduces inventory in process. It can be applied at 100 to 200 Micron DFT which[…..]

Wood coating​

Wood coating, also known as Topcoat, is applied over the wooden surfaces to protect the surface from water, sun, grease, dust and household chemicals. Topcoats are essentially clear, and are often polyurethane-based that gives your furniture a glossy or matte finish, and improves the life span of the paint as well as the wood underneath.[…..]

Industrial coating

From the earliest days of shipbuilding, craftspeople understood the practice and value of using paints to protect commercial assets and equipment. Improving waterproofing and protection from corrosion remain two of the main purposes of industrial painting, but today it is used for several business applications. As a business owner, you make the most of your[…..]