Industrial coating

From the earliest days of shipbuilding, craftspeople understood the practice and value of using paints to protect commercial assets and equipment. Improving waterproofing and protection from corrosion remain two of the main purposes of industrial painting, but today it is used for several business applications.

As a business owner, you make the most of your investments by protecting and taking care of the essential systems needed to manufacture your products or provide your services. If you’re looking for ways to protect your investment, consider industrial painting.

What is Industrial Painting?
Industrial painting
 is a general term for a set of techniques used to paint equipment, industrial spaces, tank linings, exterior siding, and silos. Unlike decorative painting, these special applications use techniques designed to provide long-term protection to withstand the wear and tear of industrial use.

At D&D Industrial Coatings, our industrial painting process involves the use of liquid paint to achieve specific properties and resistances to protect equipment in unusual environments. These properties can include but are not limited to corrosive resistance, UV resistance, fire resistance, water resistance, and acidic resistance.

What are the Benefits of Industrial Painting?
In addition to regular cleaning, painting your equipment every few years is essential to protecting it from environmental factors and ensuring your facility is presentable to potential clients. Here are some of the advantages to industrial painting:

Enhanced Appearance. Old and tired-looking equipment can negatively impact your business image. Industrial painting is the simplest thing you can do to keep your facility and equipment looking like new – and send a positive message to current and potential clients.
Prevent rust and corrosion. Painting and sealing your equipment and hardware is essential to preventing rust and corrosion. By doing so, you ensure that your equipment will perform at a high level and last as long as possible. If left unprotected, it could lead to equipment failure.
Weather resistance. Special painting systems protect your equipment from weather elements including moisture, acid rain, and salt air corrosion. If the paint contains UV blockers, it also prevents sun fading, peeling, and paint cracking.
Heat protection. Many facilities are considered high-temperature service environments, which can cause problems for your equipment. Heat-resistant paint offers protection from corrosion under insulation resulting from temperature variations, thermal shock, and other issues.
Extended equipment life. Repainting your equipment every two to years will not only restore its original finish but can also extend its life cycle. Regular equipment maintenance also protects it from breakdowns or failure, resulting in less downtime and lower operational costs.
Ease of maintenance. Since dirt can’t easily penetrate a freshly coated surface, painted equipment is easier to maintain. It’s easy to remove dirt from a freshly painted surface.
Increased resale value. Painting your equipment is one thing you can do to increase its resale value. Equipment that looks fresh and clean will sell faster and for a higher price, maximizing your return on investment.

D&D Industrial Coatings
 specializes in powder coats and wet paints on metal and plastic. Our experienced team can paint or coat parts to specifications and help our customers choose the right compound for your application. D&D Industrial would like the opportunity to assist with your painting needs. To request a quote, call us at 262-637-0686 or send us an email.